The work of the following writers has appeared in our print book publications, but there are many more to find around our website…

Irit Amiel

Born in Czestochowa as Irena Librowicz, she survived the Second World War in a Polish ghetto, living under false Aryan papers. She left Poland in 1945 and, via illegal routes (through displaced persons camps in Germany, Italy and Cyprus), she reached Palestine in 1947. She has lived in Israel ever since, where she works as a writer, translator and writes poetry in two languages (Polish and Hebrew). Her volume of short stories Osmaleni (published in English as Scorched by Vallentine Mitchell, The Library of Holocaust Testimonies, 2006), was nominated for various literary awards in Poland, including the prestigious Nike Prize. It has also been published in Hebrew and Hungarian. Volumes of her poetry include: Egzamin z Zagłady (Łódź 1994, 1998), Nie zdążyłam (Łódź 1998) and Wdychać głęboko (Warsaw 2002). She has translated several books by Polish authors into Hebrew and her translations of writers such as Leo Lipski, Marek Hłasko, Henryk Grynberg and Hanna Krall have appeared in various journals. She has also translated poems by Wisława Szymborska and several theatrical productions. Her own poems have appeared in numerous publications, in Poland and abroad. She is currently working on completing her autobiography.

Zofia Bałdyga

Author of the volumes “Passe-partout” (Warszawa 2006) and “Współgłoski” ( Nowa Ruda 2010). Co-creates the poetry & music project Elektroliryka. Currently mastering in Western and Southern Slavonic Studies at the University of Warsaw. Her poems have also been translated into Czech, Swedish and Ukrainian. Her work can be read on wwww.literackie.pl.

Justyna Bargielska

Poet, prose writer. Winner of the 2010 and the 2011 Gdynia Literary Prize. Her poetry collections include Dating Sessions (2003), China Shipping (2005) and Dwa fiaty (2009), bach for my baby (2012) and the prose volume Obsoletki (2010). She lives in Warsaw.

Urszula Chowaniec

Writer, teaching fellow in Polish language, blogs at Women’s Writing. Polish literature, language and culture constitute her main areas of interest and academic research. She has been a lecturer in Polish Literature, Language and Culture at University of Tampere in Finland and at the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University in Poland. For many years, she was also a supervisor for MA projects at Westminster University in London. Since 2011, she has been teaching Polish Language and Culture at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies.

Piotr Czerwinski

Journalist and columnist. A graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of Warsaw University. Has worked for the past 12 years in the media, including „Express Wieczorny”, the Polish edition of “Maxim”, “Cosmopolitan” and “Playboy” (as a columnist). In 2005, he defended his thesis and the made his literary debut with the novel “Desecration”. Shortly thereafter, he left Poland. As a result, as they say, of a wonderful combination of accidents, he settled in Dublin, where he continues to write. Three of his novels, “Przebiegum Zyciae” (2010), “Miedzynarod” (2011) and “Pigulka Wolnosci” (2012) have been published in Poland.

Jacek Dehnel

Poet, writer, translator and painter. He has published six collections of poetry, two in translation, six prose works (two collections of short stories, a volume of short prose illustrated with photographs, a collection of novellas and two novels). Winner of The Koscielscy Prize (2005) and Paszport Polityki (2006), twice nominated for the prestigious Nike Prize, among others. He was editor of the 2009 Arc Publications collection “Six Polish Poets”. He lives in Warsaw.

Rafal Gawin

Poet, critic, co-founder of “mŁodz Literacka”, proofreader and editor of the quarterly journal of poetry and literary arts, “Arterie”. He has published the booklet Przymiarki (Literary Bureau, Wroclaw, 2009) and has been published in “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Odra”, “Tygiel Kultury”, “Opcje,” “Kresy”, “Fraza”, “Red”, “Portret”, “Wyspa”, “Arterie”, “Wakat”, “Cegla”, Biuro Literackie and in anthologies Na grani (SPP OŁ, POS, Biblioteka “Arterii”, Łódź 2008) and Połów. Debuted in 2010 (Biuro Literackie, Wrocław 2010). Has won various literary competitions, including the Bierezin and T. J. Sulkowski Prize. Currently living in Justynow and in Lodz.

Mariusz Grzebalski

Poet, publisher and editor. Author of ten volumes of poetry and a collection of short stories. His most recent works include Niepiosenki (2009) and Kronika zakłóceń (2010). He lives in Dąbrówka.

Wioletta Grzegorzewska

W. Grzegorzewska

Poet, writer, editor, translator. Born in southern Poland, she moved to the UK in 2006. She currently resides in the town of Ryde on the Isle of Wight. Her poetry volumes include Wyobraźnia kontrolowana (Częstochowa 1998), Parantele (Częstochowa 2003), Orinoko (Tychy 2008), Inne obroty (Toronto – Rzeszów 2010) and the bi-lingual collection Smena’s Memory (OFF_PRESS, 2011). She has won the Tyska Zima Poetycka Prize for the publication of a volume of post-debut poetry. Her series of prose poems, Notatnik z Wyspy, was published in Poland in 2012. Most recently, her debut novel, Guguly, was released by Czarne, Poland’s premier independent publishing house. Both are currently being translated into English.

Przemek Gulda

Writer, journalist, critic, he lectures in History of political and legal doctrines in Gdansk, while also writing for Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland’s biggest daily) and Nowy Dziennik, the biggest Polish language newspaper in the US. He regularly contributes to mainstream and specialist arts and media publications in Poland. His first book, “Siedemnaście sekund” was published by in 2005 by Lampa i Iskra Boża, followed by “Boys and Girls in Poland” in 2011. It will be published in English translation in 2013 by OFF_PRESS.

Joanna Dziwak

Poet, writer. has had her verse published in numerous literary publications (including “Akcent”, “Czas Kultury”, “Portret”), her début collection “sturm&drang” appeared at the end of 2010. She also translates German poetry, mainly Bertolt Brecht. She is studying philosophy, lives in Krakow.

Kajetan Herdyński

Poet. He studied philosophy and literature in Lublin. His poetry has been published in, among others, Kresy, Studium and FA-art. He is currently living and working in Bournemouth, UK.

Roman Honet

Polish poet, between 1995 and 2008  the editor of the bimonthly literary and artistic magazine Studium.  Representative of the trend known as the “emboldened imagination” (a  term suggested by Marian Stala) in most recent Polish poetry, also  known as one of the new existentialists. He teaches creative writing at the School of Literary Arts, Jagiellonian University, Krakow.

Kerry Hudson

Writer. Her first novel, TONY HOGAN BOUGHT ME AN ICE-CREAM FLOAT BEFORE HE STOLE MY MA (Chatto & Windus) was published in July 2012 and has been shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award, Green Carnation Prize and Scottish First Book of the Year. Kerry’s second novel, THIRST, was developed with support from the National Lottery through an Arts Council England grant. She currently divides her writing time, and affections, between Hackney and Hanoi.

Hamid Ismailov

Writer in residence at BBC World Service, he is an Uzbek novelist and poet. His work is banned in Uzbekistan and under threat of arrest he moved to London and joined BBC World Service as a journalist. He is now head of the Central Asian service.

Genowefa Jakubowska-Fijałkowska

Poet, author of five volumes of poetry. Press debut in 1972 in “Odra”. Between 1970-80 she published her work in leading literary Polish periodicals. 1994 saw the publication of her first volume of poetry LIFE SENTENCE. 1994-2006 sees publications in, among others, “Akcent”, “Fraza”, “Magazyn Kulturalny”, “Arkusz”, “Opcje”, “Arkadie”, “Topos”, “Śląsk”, “Twórczość”, “Kwartalnik Artystyczny”, “Zeszyty Literackie” and on-line. Radio Katowice has adapted her poems for a series of radio plays. In 2006 receives the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage grant. Her books have veen translated into Czech, English and German. Still residing in Mikolowo.

Maria Jastrzębska

Poetry collections include Postcards From Poland (Working Press), Home from Home (Flarestack 2002), Syrena (Redbeck Press 2004) I’ll Be Back Before You Know It (Pighog Press 2009) and Everyday Angels (Waterloo Press 2009). She was co-editor of Forum Polek – Polish Women’s Forum, Poetry South and Whoosh! – Queer Writing South Anthology.  Her work is widely published in magazines and much anthologized, most recently in: See How I Land – Oxford Poets & Refugees (Heaven Tree Press 2009) and Telling Tales About Dementia (Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2009). Her drama Dementia Diaries was premiered in April 2009 by Lewes Live Literature at Eastbourne Festival, selling out over a four day run. She was winner of the 2009 OFF_PRESS International Creative Writing competition. Her work has been translated into French, Japanese, Polish, Romanian and Slovenian. See alsowww.south-pole.org.uk

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski

Poet, musician. Published his first collection  of poems “The Crossing” in 2008, then “Eine Kleine Todesmusik”in 2009  and now “Weaken” in 2010. Member of the group Trupa Trupa. Shortlisted  for the prestigious Politika Passports twice (2009 and 2010). Winner of  the Young Artist of the Year in Gdansk (2009), the Splendor Gedanesis  Prize (2011) and the Artistic Award from the Gdansk Association of  Friends of the Arts. Beneficiary of the Grazella Foundation Scholarship  (2009), the City of Gdansk Scholarship (2010) and the Mayor of the  Pomeranian District Scholarship (2011). Winner of numerous national  poetry competitions (incl. Władysława Broniewskiego, Witolda  Gombrowicza, Złoty Środek Poezji). Nominated by Gazeta Wyborcza for the   Storm Of the Year prize (2008, 2009, 2010). Nominated for the Splendor  Gedanensis Prize (2009). Published in, among others, Tygodnik  Powszechny, Gazeta Wyborcza, Dziennik, Lampa, Dwutygodnik, Kwartalnik  Artystyczny, Topos and Odra.

Joanna Lech

Poet, writer, author of the volume „Zapaść” (Biblioteka Arterii, Łódź 2009). Winner of numerous national poetry competitions, published widely including the print journals Opcje, Studium, Tygiel Kultury, Akcent, Wyspa, Ósmy arkusz Odry, Portret, Topos, Gazeta Wyborcza, Czas Kultury and the literary magazine Red. Graduate of the Literary-Arts faculty of Jagiellonian University, Krakow. Orignally from Rzeszow, currently living and working in Krakow. www.joannalech.pl

Jakobe Mansztajn

Poet, blogger, in youth a proponent, currently a dissident. He has been published in, among others, Tygodnik Powszechny, Portret, FA-art, Gazeta Wyborcza, Rita Baum, Pogranicza, Cegla. Author of the poetry collection “Vienna high life (Portret, 2009) for which he has received the prestigious 2010 Wroclaw Silesius Award in the Début of the Year category, which has also been nominated for the Gdynia Literary Award in the Poetry category and received thrid place award for the best debut of 2009 “Złoty Środek Poezji” . He comes from a working class family. A Kabbalist.

Peter Moore

His first book, Damn His Blood: a True and Detailed History of the Most Barbarous and Inhumane Murder at Oddingley and the Quick and Awful Retribution, was published by Chatto & Windus in June 2012. He studied sociology and history at Collingwood College in Durham and thereafter lived in Madrid for two and a half years, before returning to London. Writing is now his main job. He is working on a second book for Chatto & Windus, and is also a visiting lecturer at City University on the MA course in non-fiction writing.

Joanna Mueller

Poet, critic, editor. She is the author of three volumes of poetry: Somnambóle fantomowe (Kraków 2003), Zagniazdowniki/Gniazdowniki (Kraków 2007, nominated for the Gdynia Literary Prize) i Wylinki (Wrocław 2010), as well as a collection of essays Stratygrafie (Wrocław 2010). Editor (together with Maria Cyranowicz i Justyna Radczyńska) of the women’s poetry anthology Solistki. Antologia poezji kobiet (1989–2009). She lives in Warsaw.

Asia Obstarczyk

Poet, musician. Has lived in Belgium for the past seven years where she also became friends with poetry: nostalgia has got her writing. By day, she is a musician and the occasional translator of Dutch writings.

Daniel Odija

Writer. He studied Polish language and literature at the University of Gdańsk. Currently he works as a journalist at the Słupsk regional TV centre. He is married and has two children. He has published in, among other journals, “Autograf”, “Ha!art”, “Sycyna”, “Dekada literacka”. His prose appeared in two anthologies: Papiery wartościowe (Stocks and Bonds; Gdańsk 1998) and Tekstylia. O rocznikach siedemdziesiątych (Textiles. On the Seventies Generation; Kraków, 2002). He is the author of a collection of short stories Podróże w miejscu (Journeys on the Spot; Słupsk 2000) and the novel Niech to nie będzie sen (Kraków, 2008).

Marta Podgórnik

Poet, literary critic, editor, winner of the Bierezin Literary Prize (1996), winner of the Ministry of Culture scholarship, nominated for “Polityka Passport ” (2001). Participated in the Polish-German Translation Workshops in Krakow. Her poems have been translated and published in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Britain, USA, Italy and Ukraine. Associated with the publisher Biuro Literackie, where she writes regular on-line columns and is responsible for the publication of poetry débuts. She lives in Gliwice.

Christopher Shevlin

Writer. Grew up in Doncaster, Yorkshire, but has lived and worked in London since 1998. The author of the Perpetual Astonishment of Jonathon Fairfax, performer with Upstairs Downtown, occasional stand-up, Guardian Masterclass teacher, freelance writer and writing advisor.

Andrzej Sosnowski

Poet and winner of numerous prizes, translator and editor of “Literatura na Świecie”. Author of ten poetry collections (which include Życie na Korei, 1992; Stancje, 1997; Zoom, 2000; Gdzie koniec tęczy nie dotyka ziemi, 2005; Po tęczy, 2007; Poems, 2010), nine of which are included in the retrospective volume Pozytywki i marienbadki (2009). A selection of his writings on literature was published as Najryzykowniej (2007). The authors he has translated include John Ashbery, Elizabeth Bishop, Jane Bowles, John Cage, Ronald Firbank, Harry Mathews, Ezra Pound i Raymond Roussel. The book Trop w trop, a collection of conversations with the author recorded between 1994–2009, was published recently.

Philip Terry

Currently Director of the Centre for Creative Writing at the University of Essex.  Among his books are the lipogrammatic novel The Book of Bachelors, the edited story collection Ovid Metamorphosed, a translation of Raymond Queneau’s last book of poems Elementary Morality, and the poetry volumes Oulipoems, Oulipoems 2, Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Dante’s Inferno and Advanced Immorality.  A new collection, Quennets, is forthcoming from Carcanet.

Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn-Dycki

An award-winning Polish poet. Born in Wólka Krowicka near Lubaczów, he is the author of nine volumes of poems and numerous texts for the magazine Kresy. He has won the Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna Award, the Barbara Sadowska Award, Polish-German Days of Literature Award, Gdynia Literature Award, the “Passport of Polityka” and the Nike – Poland’s most prestigious literary prize.

Adam Wiedemann

Polish poet, novelist, translator, literary and music critic; winner of the Kościelski Poetry Prize 1999, nominated three times for the NIKE, Poland’s top literary prize, also winner of the Gdynia Prize for Literature in 2008 for the volume “pensum”. His work has been published in Tygodnik Powszechny, Oder, Kresy, Nowy Wiek, Czas Kultury, Pro Arte, Kursywa, Ha! Art, Rita Baum and Dziennik Portowy. He has been a regular columnist in the Res Publica Nowa and Przekroj.