Marek Kazmierski / Damn The Source



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“a decalogue for the 21st century”  
Marek Kazmierski / winner of the penguin decibel prize


Ten stories, set on a single day. A dozen Poles, scattered across Britain. Labourers, aristocrats, dealers. Each life somehow changed by a blade. A surgeon’s scalpel. An artist’s knife. An antique bayonet. Each tale based on a true story.


Marek Kazmierski escaped communist Poland and settled in the UK as a child political refugee. He decided to become a writer, then worked as a librarian, a stripper and a prison governor, among others, to have something to write about. Today, he is translating, publishing and running a series of insider art initiatives. Not Shut Up, OFF_PRESS and Intersection are his babies.

The book is hand-made, in a numbered limited edition of 200, signed by the author.



ISBN 9780957232730

Genre Prose

Pages 260

Languages English






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