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Getting busy today putting the book together, if you have any feedback on which design you prefer, feedback to us!

marek OFF_

Based on the following principles;

- cover will be glossy, therefore must be light (wears better)

- must display an image which speaks for all the pieces inside

- must be contemporary

- must take into account readers’ tastes

- should lead the way for future OFF_ covers

Look forward to your ideas and feedback!

“There is one problem with the myth about pirates bringing literature to the masses:

street-level vendors tend to congregate in the same middle and upper-class neighborhoods

where you find the bookstores. Their clients are people with money. One critic calls it

a cultural problem: “The same people who would never consider buying fake whisky

think nothing of buying a pirated book. There’s no respect for intellectual production

in this country.”

courtesy of today’s Guardian… click on the image to see/read more and come back later in the week

to check out OFF_VIDEO interview with John Freeman, the Editor of GRANTA