Ewa Izabella Glińska


Twin layers on the edge of pattern
past and present.

Empties, fulls, fulls, empties

Granny Sania whispers.

Granny Sania lost her senses
last year.

Recalling Granny Sania
I feel my own senses loosening, or
my senses losing me
(the order is inconsequential).
The air turning thick
enters the mouth like a gag, one
you want to light and hear explode.

In amongst all this mess
you must rise and walk
the kerb, your arms forming a T,
keeping your balance and spine straight,
keeping on up, else it’s down,
and down is dark, so willy nilly
neck another breath ignoring
the spiking lungs.

My days and nights (numbered?) are obverse and reverse:
feel like moving on, yet
you’re pulled back
with Granny Sania behind you

with her empties, fulls, fulls, empties.

translated by Marek Kazmierski

download the text in English and Polish original pdf here

Ewa Izabella Glińska – born 1977. Sociologist. Published in the following titles: “Fraza”, “Studium”, “ArteFakt”, ”Zeszyty Poetyckie”. Winner of the National Poetry Prize im. J. Śpiewaka (2003). Winner of the Połów 2008 project organised by Biuro Literackie. By day, she runs her own school of English as a foreign language. Lives in Warsaw.

Ewa Izabella Glińska – Urodzona w 1977. Socjolog. Publikowała w pismach: “Fraza”, “Studium”, “ArteFakt”, ”Zeszyty Poetyckie”. Laureatka Ogólnopolskiego Konkursu Poetyckiego im. J. Śpiewaka (2003). Laureatka projektu Połów 2008 organizowanego przez Biuro Literackie. Na co dzień prowadzi własną szkołę języka angielskiego. Mieszka w Warszawie.