Rafał Gawin

In sex do you seek form or content?

For P.O.

It’s salty and bitter, everything sticky
like Post-its of the subconscious, I was here,
my club is to score 4 x one more

goal. It is reached from within, softening
the essence. The final whistle, then trams
besieged with hands, no scheduled stops,
this is no Way of the Cross, no one here will put a finger
inside your wound.

And as the drama begins, who will cover
the rest? No small change, only big
fish, this is post-
modernism after all – technologies and theories, requiring
zero thought? Are you not satisfied with
the route from the stadium home,
back to where you live? Your preferences are for stripped
staircases, dungeons, your sense of balance disturbed yet again?

Stand up and observe, when space starts to crack
in the shape of a cross by the bins, the hanging frame,
you suspended and mother calling. Love
is a discipline for the masters of this world.
Unlike shot-put
in orbit (a free-kick goal), the joy between points. It is sweet,
everything dissolving, condensing on panes of glass, on shields,

turning into wine, hidden beneath a scarf in washed out colours.

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Stylistic exercises. Alterations

for Kasia

Better times are only available in English grammar, while we make
mountains out of molehills, as if we lacked dimensions.

My name is Rafal and I want to make love to you
for the rest of my life.  This sentence suffers, is too common.

Too easy, too definitive? Let’s let language
off the leash. All else we’ll agree with the guest list;

for how long? The receptions will eventually pay for themselves,
good and evil consummated as genitive, resounding vocative.

We will no longer struggle with accidents, stairs,
which rise, so that we must conjoin.

We don’t believe this machinery, the cogs
of supposition and strange extracts.

The best kind of sentence sentences
itself; and the ring – its equivalent.

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Rafal Gawin – born. 1984 in Lodz. Poet, critic, co-founder of “mŁodz Literacka”, proofreader and editor of the quarterly journal of poetry and literary arts, “Arterie”. He has published the booklet Przymiarki (Literary Bureau, Wroclaw, 2009) and has been published in “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Odra”, “Tygiel Kultury”, “Opcje,” “Kresy”, “Fraza”, “Red”, “Portret”, “Wyspa”, “Arterie”, “Wakat”, “Cegla”, Biuro Literackie and in anthologies Na grani (SPP OŁ, POS, Biblioteka “Arterii”, Łódź 2008) and Połów. Debuted in 2010 (Biuro Literackie, Wrocław 2010). Has won various literary competitions, including the Bierezin and T. J. Sulkowski Prize. Currently living in Justynow and in Lodz.

Rafał Gawin – ur. 1984 r. w Łodzi. Poeta, okazjonalnie krytyk, współzałożyciel “mŁodzi Literackiej”, korektor i redaktor poezji w kwartalniku artystyczno-literackim “Arterie”. Wydał arkusz Przymiarki  (Biuro Literackie, Wrocław 2009). Publikował m.in. w “Gazecie Wyborczej”, “Odrze”, “Tyglu Kultury”, “Opcjach”, “Kresach”, “Frazie”, “Redzie”, “Portrecie”, “Wyspie”, “Arteriach”, “Wakacie”, “Cegle” i internetowych stronach Biura Literackiego oraz w antologiach Na grani  (SPP OŁ, POS, Biblioteka “Arterii”, Łódź 2008) i Połów. Poetyckie debiuty 2010 (Biuro Literackie, Wrocław 2010). Nagradzany w konkursach, m.in. im. J. Bierezina i T. Sułkowskiego. Mieszka w Justynowie i w Łodzi.