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70 years after the Holocaust” 

“To frame experiences ever so hard to express, you have found the only possible form:

a totally raw kind of simplicity. Because of this, you can be sure your poems

will always live on!”

W. Szymborska


Dark Flashes is the first-ever English language collection of poems by Irit Amiel,

whose work is focused on experiences of the Holocaust, both her own

and those of many others.


Irit Amiel was born in Poland in 1931 as Irena Librowicz.
She survived World War II in the Czestochowa ghetto, using false
Aryan papers. Via illegal routes (through displaced persons camps
in Germany, Italy and Cyprus), she reached Palestine in 1947. She
has lived in Israel ever since, where she works as a writer, translator
and writes poetry in two languages (Polish and Hebrew). Her volume
of short stories Osmaleni (published in English as Scorched by
Vallentine Mitchell, The Library of Holocaust Testimonies, 2006), was
nominated for various literary awards in Poland, including twice for
the prestigious Nike Prize as well as the Biblioteka Raczynskich Prize.
It has also been published in Hebrew and Hungarian. Volumes of her
poetry include: Egzamin z Zagłady (Łódź 1994, 1998), Nie zdążyłam
(Łódź 1998) and Wdychać głęboko (Warsaw 2002). She has translated
several books by Polish authors into Hebrew and her translations
of writers such as Leo Lipski, Marek Hłasko, Henryk Grynberg and
Hanna Krall have appeared in various journals. She has also translated
poems by Wisława Szymborska and several theatrical productions.
Her own poems have appeared in numerous publications, in Poland
and abroad. She is currently working on her autobiography.



Author: Irit Amiel

Translator: Marek Kazmierski

Language: English

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 114

ISBN: 978-0-9572327-2-3

Publication: 27/01/2013




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