Ninette Nerval

Danes complaining IKEA are degrading theirs

The names of Danish towns now names of carpets, rugs,
and what’s worse the joint (Swedish) ØRESUND strait
is now a toilet seat. Your blackmail cost me three Swedish
bowls at Sunday discount, two sleepless nights on the
four-post OSLO. Did they name their floor coverings

in Danish in honour of their flatlands? At least you don’t
need to piece those together – no one will scream:
the hell with this ROSKILDE! short of a nut.
Others suggest that it’s something to do with the
Mohammed Cartoons (to spite Denmark?). Random lines

of letters covering grammars of mass destruction, beds
and wardrobes christened in alien, Norwegian forms,
veiled in fields of geometry. Choosing a Dane to shop
at IKEA with is borderline experience – dividing a room
with a LINNARP will be agreeable solution, at least until

we are ready to sever with curtains and duvets, agree who
will take the MYSA MANE and who the HEDDA RUND.

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I would blow

a whole hundred on you at the milk bar.
We would eat through a sea of tomato soup
and leave the dinner ladies 99zl in tips.

I’ve always wanted to meet Varga,
Knowing that he never replies,
I sent a review once
of a certain jazz record
to a newspaper where
he was Editor of the Culture Section;

Dear Madam, one needs a truly vast mind
to understand your review.

It’s incredible how one can lie while admitting one is right.

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Ninette Nerval – studied at the Sorbonne, currently studying music and philosophy at Jagiellonian University. Has written poetry, prose and various academic texts. Has appeared in numerous Polish periodicals, including Exklusiv, Estetyka i Krytyka, Nowa Krytyka, Odra, Zeszyty Poetyckie, Kwartalnik Filozoficzny, Topos, Czas Kultury, Rita Baum, Fa-Art and Pogranicze. Is writing her Master’s thesis on the subject of psychiatric language games in the context of assumptions made by anti-psychiatric theorists and is working on a conceptual installation connected with this topic. Her debut novel “Spassverderber” is due to be published soon. She lives in Krakow.

Ninette Nerval – Studiowała na Sorbonie, aktualnie studiuje muzykologię oraz kończy filozofię na UJ. Jest autorką poezji, prozy i tekstów naukowych z wielu dziedzin. Publikuje w Exklusivie, Estetyce i Krytyce, Nowej Krytyce, Odrze, Zeszytach Poetyckich, Kwartalniku  Filozoficznym, Toposie, Czasie Kultury, Ricie Baum, Fa-Arcie, Pograniczach. Pisze pracę magisterską na temat psychiatrycznych gier językowych w świetle założeń teoretyków anty-psychiatrii oraz pracuje nad konceptualną instalacją związaną z tej tematyki. Niebawem ukaże się jej debiutancka powieść pt. Spassverderber. Mieszka w Krakowie.