Martyna Tomczyk / Open Anthology / Twelve of Twelve


storks fly towards warmer climes

something more something more

more of something – you repeat like a mantra during yoga classes
you signed up yesterday because you want it all the same or actually
the opposite – for mother church and all those
who said you are fat

you poke your underbelly with your own hand – it is in place you feel only
the coming frosts and more and more often
thoughts of nests


fashion victim

I heard already all about a sorted life and moments out for yourself
when you led me to all those ugly town houses
full of your promises and even fuller of your disappointment
it was then I realized I myself am such a house

I won’t accomplish much shredding paper in a chase or maybe if I was as if praying
because maybe tomorrow will fall into place in red high heels beating out rhythm
of the as yet undefined because what can be defined if not even you

the natural environment suffers with colour slides on following pages
and see see how little we care – a pretty lady is smiling anyway
because she has foolproof cream against wrinkles and the ends of the world
when all I wanted was a new pair of jeans

white balance

I don’t possess myself within the dream you try to wake me up from
or at least that is the pious wish I arrived at during the period spared all
holidays along the way and without god those lights running towards a goal
which has no coordinates

let us lie a bit for a moment let us give ourselves five minutes for this warm
drink with ice and with juice intercity coaches have leaked away anyway
you haven’t even got a clue about how I want you to stay when again

I come to run away because I never learnt to lead in a dance
but please lie like me saying I don’t want it because I will miss you
when you will finally decide to pull a dead rabbit out of a hat
translated by Seweryn Gorczak






Martyna Tomczyk – born in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, she is studying for a degree in literature, writing poetry and was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Biuro Literackie Połów 2014 project. Her work has been published in Topos, Wakat and Odra. In her spare time, she watches films and takes long coach rides in and out of Gdynia, which is where she currently resides.

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