Martyna Tomczyk / Open Anthology / Three of Twelve



hey babe he wanted to say to her
but hesitated, only the hey came out, emotionless, like any other gesture

they talked and he just couldn’t stop thinking about journeys inwards her soil
about conquering new horizons about her girlish motions

how to ascend the very peak when you can barely move your fingers? and yet
you so wish to have something to slip between the pages of this fairytale

summer is ending, leaving less and less time
for reflections

shoulder straps slide off fast

the story is straightforward like collar-bones sticking out of her summer blouse

arms parted like thighs foreshadow maybe something more than you would like to receive
so you just stare not much connects you except for the difference in age and sensitivity
as it leans out from behind a glass of beer – beer gardens and so many possibilities

yet you’d like something more – you were supposed to jog every day at dawn and that
concerns you more than conflicts on the borders of your twin imaginations
you still know little about the world and it troubles you sometimes
but you now fall asleep together and maybe you’d like to keep it that way
if you’d know

it’s unfortunate that

happiness is within the reach of your hand happiness awaits

in relations other than yours in places where you’re not present
but all it takes is not looking down all it takes is to open your insides
it’s so simple – bra-strap under the collar-bone press to the muscle
it’s so simple to strip down in front of someone you don’t know

this one image still touches me: curled up in a chair one hand turning pages
in the other cigarette and she seems focused reading about new positions
in her dried up marriage the opportunities for divorce are thousandfold
Sunday dinner was never this exciting she says and then gets up
and doesn’t have a clue what next
translated by Seweryn Gorczak






Martyna Tomczyk – born in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, she is studying for a degree in literature, writing poetry and was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Biuro Literackie Połów 2014 project. Her work has been published in Topos, Wakat and Odra. In her spare time, she watches films and takes long coach rides in and out of Gdynia, which is where she currently resides.

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