Martyna Tomczyk / Open Anthology / Six of Twelve


let’s not talk too loud about it

smoke from yesterday’s cigarettes spills across my horizon
ash rubbed in a dirty rag starts to fade and I’ll spend
eternity here I think before I have the courage (courage is this tiny animal
people write whole dissertations about)
I am unable to take away all those colourful typographies from my mouth
those horrible words – for it to hurt it has to be spot on, not only pissed off
I was taught like that by all those boys and girls met outdoors with faces empty
like tears – sweat drops dribble down the window, the kettle finishes its song and I think I am starting to feel afraid
but still don’t know how to tell you about the hunted down animals
I think about gouging out the eyes of the terrorists and about our enslavement


starting notebooks

I have a tongue bent today like cats stretching myself along ancient walls
along familiar and alien sounding typographies of colour – I’ll buy you a drink
come on it’ll be fun when we’ll finish I’ll cover you with my body
just like one covers grass against the rain – needlessly
but don’t talk so much too little is done in too many directions
I don’t want to come back home it’s warmest there unbearably so
we will bring our prayers there one day but that day is not yet

I’ll be back, but

concrete tiles on wet sand and from them copper rods
climb towards the sky like meagre birches which once grew under our windows
you don’t remember and I fantasize about asphalt again
they painted it yellow crossed out all old paths and good riddance dear child
as if it wasn’t hard enough already to take steps no matter if concrete or blanket
from duck feathers yes I still remember the odour
and grandma’s frail fingers toying with cigarette

I’ll be back but it doesn’t mean anything
a handful of words warm like those few nights
which I can count on the fingers of one hand
translated by Seweryn Gorczak






Martyna Tomczyk – born in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, she is studying for a degree in literature, writing poetry and was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Biuro Literackie Połów 2014 project. Her work has been published in Topos, Wakat and Odra. In her spare time, she watches films and takes long coach rides in and out of Gdynia, which is where she currently resides.

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