Martyna Tomczyk / Open Anthology / Nine of Twelve


the fable and the balloon

we are banal to a fault I think like that about us sometimes
when we revel in the fumes of nocturnal animals impervious
to hoots of bottles and crickets (does anyone today remember
about the crickets?)

a familiar melody to the count of three whistles in my ears

nothing will happen today and tomorrow – only shame


a long time ago I was still a child

open a bank account for me, darling, and then the blinds,
roll-down curtains (cheap and yet certain!), worktops, tiles
of spilt milk – Anne once confessed to her friends

that she’s thinking about having kids, she would then have a complete set.

I learned something during this time though: homes come from loans,
while flats inflate ever higher

a B movie

we lost the plot the actors refused to cooperate any further
probably the fault of a limp script and limited quality of the booze
served at a banquet after the first shout of action (which in truth wasn’t really there)
but then again we have a nice pic we can show to our friends

and when you talk to me about all those altitudes and cohabitations
not necessarily marital I think about all those naïve kids which
still believe in Santa and that he won’t come their parents won’t get their salaries
or end-of-year bonuses and it seems that we’ve drank through it all

we wait for miracles in our cramped streets things might be different to last christmas
but I think I heard this melody before – we don’t know how to part in style
and the night buses drifted away in different directions so my place or yours?
translated by Seweryn Gorczak






Martyna Tomczyk – born in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, she is studying for a degree in literature, writing poetry and was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Biuro Literackie Połów 2014 project. Her work has been published in Topos, Wakat and Odra. In her spare time, she watches films and takes long coach rides in and out of Gdynia, which is where she currently resides.

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