Kamil Brewinski / Open Anthology / Twelve of Twelve


Amnesty International

who’s last in the mirror wins a second shadow
who won’t see it will shine with his eyes
who will burn himself with light – will wear a trench coat
and thighs of the last will hide a head in a sleeve

who doesn’t want to play in playroom has a console
who doesn’t know how to play should play within himself
who wants to play and doesn’t know in which sleeve
I repeat for the sake of order: there the magic lamp is lit


Ctrl +


there’s no Palestine there’s a clavichord – Tracer
scythe pregnant with knocks a nest of dull scythes
under the airplane scythe – high voltage
without USB portent like a head burner

women similar to me entrust fingers
men similar to them entrust hearts
and children are born within us – spaces spaces spaces
cold like Firefox committed like Opera

To largely unknown



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(Dirk van der Molde accused of having
Scandinavian roots one of the ugliest phenomena in any city
ran into bathroom in the direction of front door of his
apartment inherited from largely unknown lady cousin:


a rain of Chupacabras a rain of Chupacabras – still warm
a corridor full of buttons a packet
from an ashtray a suitcase from an ashtray world)


poems translated by Seweryn Gorczak





Kamil Brewińśki – born and based in Lublin, Poland. His debut poetry collection “Clubbing” was nominated for the prestigious Silesius Poetry Prize in 2013.


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