Kamil Brewinski / Open Anthology / Three of Twelve


Dolling up

today I am blue that’s how you can imagine me
with sea with sky or with water you can call the law
and report the doubts we’ve been trying so long
to say something about ourselves – the idea ends here
and poetry starts a verse of silence please

thank you today I am blue why how come?
sleep is chased off of eyelids fawns to the mirror
when with dull razor I scratch off this colour
from nonexistent objects – something like pitch
to go play polo of course or maybe to go to hell?
here ends the idea dream turned into July
so I born anew stand in the shower
water washes away dregs – a pitch and a horse
a whole stand of VIPs looking like the devil?
you want to fire-up your car but the key is made of ice
water sky and sea in one tiny fragile icicle
several dozen ways of saying – I am

thank you




discotheques for mimes in venetian basements

portable players professional headphones


contact permitted smoking impossible

the choice of music your own signing discouraged


discotheques for mimes in venetian basements

complimentary alcohol in a teeming vessel


volatile depth of colours in an unwound ball

inflated anchors (condoms – adornments)


discotheques for mimes in venetian basements

powder installations sniffed through wires


in double-jointed bathrooms rotating mirrors

fuse babes from Narnia with dudes from Navarone




I repeat: we’re clean like the tears of others’

in our defence we have washbasins roses

when we try to fall asleep through tight windows

a hand as rough and dense as a forest fuses our joints

together in the ruts of bed crams a liquid moon


I repeat: this pipe is our held breath

so don’t you bullshit sir that it was scorched

so don’t you search for reasons in the basin of rose

this sediment might as well be the tip of a mountain

this sediment might as well be a spike of air




Kamil Brewińśki – born and based in Lublin, Poland. His debut poetry collection “Clubbing” was nominated for the prestigious Silesius Poetry Prize in 2013.

poems translated by Seweryn Gorczak

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