Kamil Brewinski / Open Anthology / Six of Twelve


Dirka van der Molde

the shrinking clock which he uses to hassle

he comes and nags that a furrowed wrist

that when he wakes up he has a furrowed wrist

and it’s a wall clock so what the fuck is going on here

that the furrows disappear independently after a while

not much to be honest but he did take pictures

showed it to his female colleague so he won’t show it to us

we have to believe him like in a green night

that when he wakes up he has a furrowed wrist

and it’s a wall clock with wooden cuckoo






since you repeat yourself repeating others

those already translated into alien languages

those untranslatable the most widely read

those who interpret themselves through props

concepts travestations tropes logarithms

and those who try to explain themselves

from silence in pits multiplying banana rhymes

because they would like to go mushroom picking

even if the forest rolled back leaving only stumps

but better nothing than nothing but better than nothing




I wanted a monkey wrench but got a scooter

I wanted to push away to get closer to you

I even thought about a rose but a torrent leaked

I went to the bottom to smoke a pipe of seaweed

I was a troubadour in suburban nightclub

I was a troubadour I spat out a lighter
poems translated by Seweryn Gorczak





Kamil Brewińśki – born and based in Lublin, Poland. His debut poetry collection “Clubbing” was nominated for the prestigious Silesius Poetry Prize in 2013.


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