Genowefa Jakubowska-Fijałkowska – three new poems


the city needs my blood

between Bracka and Bankowa Streets marked ambulances
fog falling on provincial walls broken berliner is almost next door

the London variety falling on Jack the Ripper
he’s from round here Silesian vampire with a hammer

over me a low from Scandinavia
Jesus what kitsch reindeer blue post-ice-age lakes by numbers

I stumble on the remains of my own blood
take my body and the blood divide amongst yourselves

drink Tyskie beer park benches in Chorzowski park

when my veins turn white and my ankles pale leap like dogs
at me

the last of my blood left on fingers on a white sheet of paper
and the smell of animal hair is untamed beast

you my final love in red stockings

My dear Mrs G

I have prepared the razor will be shaving the calves
the pubic mound is now trendy and trendy too is waxing though painful

the razor he left behind

I remember the smooth stone the nail in the wall the leather belt 
he poured on the water polished the blade his stubble barely there

he so wanted to be so much of a man
and so he pulled off the belt

for the aromatic peas in the garden
for Christ’s flesh which I didn’t want placed on my tongue

for Marx’s “Das Kapital”

for the first smokes for wine for the hymen
for aimless escapes for the roads less travelled

for cheap coffee for the party for the spilled goats’ milk
for mother like mother like daughter

for all three daughters for the son

for he always I wanted I didn’t have I didn’t get


time zones further from the east closer to the west
inside out to the south and the west

in the centre of the room upstairs
on a wet carpet on a mop touching feet

I am arrived in Arabia via the wet carpet

in a second already back here not in Capri drowsy we walk to the bathroom
in the town there must be some parallel

I come out of the water me not Venus
the sea foam flowing across the floor tiles through yours and my legs

I sleep a little in your bath towel
passed the REM stage

I vanish sleepy dinner time sleepy after dinner
can’t catch my breath

in a dream I don’t dream I’m choking on a pubic hair

watching over you is a giraffe’s dream
I descend towards the watering hole and can’t get back up

cheetahs attack from behind

my nails torn in this nondream when I finally see fire by a
KGB officer

translated by Marek Kazmierski

Genowefa Jakubowska-Fijałkowska born 1946 in Mikolowo. Author of five volumes of poetry – in 2010, she published the collection “and then your fever will pass“. Press debut in 1972 in “Odra”. Between 1970-80 she published her work in leading literary Polish periodicals. 1994 saw the publication of her first volume of poetry LIFE SENTENCE. 1994-2006 sees publications in, among others, “Akcent”, “Fraza”, “Magazyn Kulturalny”, “Arkusz”, “Opcje”, “Arkadie”, “Topos”, “Śląsk”, “Twórczość”, “Kwartalnik Artystyczny”, “Zeszyty Literackie” and on-line. Radio Katowice has adapted her poems for a series of radio plays. In 2006 receives the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage grant. Still residing in Mikolowo.

Genowefa Jakubowska-Fijałkowska Ur. 1946 r. w Mikołowie. Autorka pięciu tomików wierszy. W 2010 r. wydała wybór wierszy “i wtedy minie twoja gorączka”. Debiut prasowy w 1972 r. w “Odrze”. W latach 1970-1980 publikowała wiersze i opowiadania, między innymi w “Tygodniku Kulturalnym”, “Życiu Literackim”, “Faktach”, “Regionach”. W roku 1994 debiut książkowy , tomik wierszy DOŻYWOCIE. W latach 1994-2006 publikuje wiersze między innymi w “Akcencie”, “Frazie”, “Magazynie Kulturalnym”, “Arkuszu”, “Opcjach”, “Arkadii”, “Toposie”, “Śląsku”, “Twórczości”, “Kwartalniku Artystycznym”, “Zeszytach Literackich” i na www. Na podstawie wierszy zrealizowano w Radio Katowice pięć słuchowisk poetyckich. Stypendystka Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego w 2006 r. Mieszka w Mikołowie.