Tomasz Hrynacz


Only for a moment did I forget
that it’s now. My station of honest memory.

Hiatus of moments worn like satin.
Mistaken leads followed. Of own accord. You can

miss scabs, the grazing of cuticles.
The patina of silvery blood. Let’s revisit those

Conversations. The stucco of dried branches, leaves
of flint. These etchings, left over from childhood.

Are you now certain existence is worth your while,
though we are set apart by dreams and the scale of cold.

That it’s worth connecting with this place,
which, once again, has repelled us.

To fall into addiction. Into the screaming night
suspended on the cusp of dawn. At the appropriate

time, to use pause, deft cuts closing
in on your name. Fearing oversights.

And crossing like carnivals across the rails of eyes,
the stations of lips. The glistening surface of a hand.

Feeling the charge course between our skins.
To bind in one: you, me. Mercy as silent as the Host.

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Where do drops
of fear wander?

Perhaps today you
won’t come upon me.

Winter conspires
against our bodies.

All animated. During
the night cold winds blow in.

I will enter a giant
landscape. Provoke

riots of leaves
and the rumbling of sands.

The dance of stones.
The flow of hardened earth.

For ever and ever, we live
in our own dreams alone.

Have I again disappointed
and delivered shame?

Speak, even when the only
thing speaking through you

is pity. There is always
some sort of stillness, of standstill.

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Tomasz Hrynacz born 1971. Poet. He debiuted in 1997 with a volume of poetry „Zwrot o bliskość” („Studium”, Kraków 1997). Author of six collections of poetry, the most recent being „Praski raj” („Mamiko”, Nowa Ruda 2009). His poetry has  appeared in numerous literary publications in Poland, including „brulion”, „Kresy”, „Odra”, Twórczość”, „Res Publica Nowa”, „Fronda”, „Czas Kultury” and abroad: in England, Czech Rep., USA, Canada, Serbia, France and Croatia. He has been translated into numerous languages, including Croat, German, English, French and Serb. He lives in Świdnica in the Silesian region of Poland.

Tomasz Hrynacz ur. się w 1971 roku. Poeta. Debiutował w 1997 roku tomem wierszy „Zwrot o bliskość” ( Biblioteka „Studium”, Kraków 1997). Autor sześciu zbiorów wierszy. Ostatni wydał „Praski raj” ( Wydawnictwo „Mamiko”, Nowa Ruda 2009). Swoje wiersze drukował w wielu pismach literackich w Polsce w „brulionie”, „Kresach”, „Odrze”, Twórczości”, „Res Publice Nowej”, „Frondzie”, „Czasie Kultury” i za granicą: w Anglii, Czechach, Stanach Zjednoczonych, Kanadzie, Serbii, Francji i Chorwacji. Tłumaczony był na kilka języków na chorwacki, czeski, niemiecki, angielski, francuski i serbski.  Mieszka w Świdnicy Śl.