Dawid Kujawa / Open Anthology / Twelve of Twelve



Me is someone swift


suggestions will mature, bring out from pockets frozen hands
and we all will see side-long turn of action, the march of massive arrangements,
phehe. Like it’s possible to warn normally: step back for a little moment,
because I’ll be waving ambitions. it could be accepted,
understood, even liked, but not when intentions boorishly look through
that fucking bold font, overcoat of mission, assecuration of style,
the genitive case of embarrassment.


you have flowers at your place? I have. so water them.


serious matter


for those doubts you really have to
get some european dotations,
that you feel like it. I tell you, in my whole life
I never saw that something so shaky stands so stably
and even bragg about it so ostentatiously.
proud like a car turned upside down,
or some guy of lacking metaphysics.
saturday night as a pile of unwashed dishes from friday?
“maybe I am something more but I have no occasion for that”.
you pull down my glasses and thousands of little refugees
emigrates from me away from starvation and massacres,
trying to reach asylum under your gown.




consolidation of beautiful mistakes. and it gets dense
from derailed wagons, up to summits stuffed with
good intentions, whose sharp vectors always
point decisively on common interest and famous ideas of progress.
I ask: who sharped the vectors? I ask: who told you to wear dark ray-bans in winter,
boy with the nose white from illegitimate aspirations,
prepared by our consultants
exclusively for you. exclusively for you.


poems translated by Seweryn Górczak




 fot. by Michał Dolny




Dawid Kujawa – born in 1989, literary critic and poet, author of “Wideopoezja. Szkice” (Videopoetry. Sketches), his texts were published in literary magazines and anthologies. Right now he works on his debut poetry book and dissertation on subject of resurgent avant-guarde tendencies in polish poetry post 2000. He lives in Katowice.