Dawid Kujawa / Open Anthology / Three of Twelve





because of those heat waves August falls out of key, broken down
TV sets, buses and marriages. my sanity distunes
for good, between us nothing but free jazz on
barbiturates. without thinking, we fall into dissonances of
meet-ups, will you turn down those lurid sounds within you.
the margins of mistake are narrow, but if they want to look for us


we’re within them



if my diagnoses stopped starting from particles
I would be really happy. hey, don’t start so shyly,
because you’ll make an even bigger pussy out of yourself –
weak whimper from left, discrete, but to the point – seems
like it will break off here.



the day before the marathon you beat your knee with hammer,
simply preventatively, so you won’t get too high on splendor.
and maybe it’s time to stop to point at happiness?
conflicts are waged, wars are warred,
agreements lower their eyelids minimally
and look after each other.




of late, I’ve been sleeping with my head on the other side,
and it’s cool, only later do I wake up with my head on the other side.



liquid for radiator,
gas for lighters


hannah would say that I shouldn’t worry so much,
but I do worry a bit, because I know no hannah


glue for shoes,
paint for wood


the name for a girl in light turtle-neck,
no? the one with labrador.


varnish for hair,
polish remover for nails


the one who picks you up with light turtle-car
(I’m just teasing – pull the string)
of dad’s and even if you puke she doesn’t shout:


dawid for fuck’s sake,
dawid for fuck’s sake



poems translated by Seweryn Górczak




 fot. by Michał Dolny




Dawid Kujawa – born in 1989, literary critic and poet, author of “Wideopoezja. Szkice” (Videopoetry. Sketches), his texts were published in literary magazines and anthologies. Right now he works on his debut poetry book and dissertation on subject of resurgent avant-guarde tendencies in polish poetry post 2000. He lives in Katowice.