Dawid Kujawa / Open Anthology / Nine of Twelve





for monisators


If this all is supposed to look like this, then I don’t
sign up for it, but how do you sign it? I mean: it looks like
I don’t agree and already it grew inside me,
the looking at all this, agreed?
I think, that all is pointing towards this.
I’m pointing towards this, because it already grew in me,
the looking at this, how does it look like,
and it looks carefully, I mean: pays attention.


der expressionistische film


I scream,
but sounds lose their way
in sharp shadows of two characters
and few pretentious requisites.
you nervous? wave your hands,
taper will adjust – politely explains
the in-narrative text – and shorter phrases!
in German they don’t fit the screen.


loading words for young poetry. joint of inspiration


Young poetry is supposed to be filled with words designed for writing.
We suggest to put expressions for writing into young poetry turned
on the other side. One should pay attention so that no art of word
will get locked up in language of young poetry.


Young poetry should be connected to the source of cold inspiration
(connecting to the source of warm inspiration can cause a
malfunction) with a help from special hose included in equipment
of a device. Gaskets, that are situated on the both ends of a affluent
hose secure against the leak of inspiration, while turning up the hose
by hand already. Turning it too strong might damaged them. Young
poetry works effectively in pressure of inspiration equal to 1 bar. In
practice pressure of 1 bar means flow of 8 liters of inspiration by the
minute, assuming valve of inspiration is fully open.


poems translated by Seweryn Górczak




 fot. by Michał Dolny




Dawid Kujawa – born in 1989, literary critic and poet, author of “Wideopoezja. Szkice” (Videopoetry. Sketches), his texts were published in literary magazines and anthologies. Right now he works on his debut poetry book and dissertation on subject of resurgent avant-guarde tendencies in polish poetry post 2000. He lives in Katowice.