ARTS: Wacky journey from Southend to Sopot

“The information I had about Sopot was really limited: I resisted buying a travel guide, researching the area, or following a predetermined route. The journey had to be a meander, a ‘wandering walk’, that is, a ‘psycho-geographic’ journey and not a tourist trip, I wanted to provide more than just a recorded journey but actually feel like I had taken people there. I wanted to get the idea across of the delights and insights into visiting somewhere for the first time that is seen afresh with new eyes, and I hope to have captured that spontaneity in my images.”

38 year old Fine Art student, Katrina Burtles, set out with a simple intention. To travel from Southend library to Sopot library and document everything in between for an exhibition… read more by clicking on the foto on the right