A Series of Short, Sharp Shocks

poetry review by Marek Kazmierski

Baby, I’m Ready To Go, Melissa Mann, Grevious Jones Press, 2009.

If you don’t already know about Melissa Mann – read about her here – regular visitors to these e-pages should, so I won’t labour the introduction. Her latest collection of poems, Baby I’m Ready To Go, has recently been published by Grievous Jones Press. It’s founder David Oprava has gone on record as saying “The Beats are dead and no one has stepped up”. Big words from a big man, who opened the recent launch of the first three Grevious Jones titles at the Betsey Trotwood talking about “voices which needed to be heard” and all that visionary propaganda I do not want to hear but see from publishers (especially those who print and bind their own writing). Readings from the three GJ authors on offer that night proved to be a wonderfully mixed bag;

– panicked laughter racing through confessionals of rape and personal rebellion

– dull rendering of misogynistic ramblings which should never have troubled ink to page

– perfectly introduced, almost perfectly formed poems of love and its multi-layered lessons

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