OFF_PRESS 2015 / Much ado about much?


… or the start of something big?  





The image above represents our past.
5 years of activity. 15+ books. Several festivals, films and competitions. Our own London-based arts centre. This year, we have worked in collaboration with several charities, in UK and Poland, to produce books of prison poetry, visual art and translated verse. 
Is any of that enough, though? Is the sun setting on our non-profit org? Much ado about much?
It is New Year’s Eve tonight. So let’s be sparkly and spunky and bright.
The image below represents a shedload of possibility.
There is no doubt producing any more books makes no sense. We lack the skills, resources and people to then distribute and publicise them.
So what are the options? Individual projects? Apps? Digital publishing? Kids toys? Educational materials?
Warsaw In Writing? Ha-Ga Academy? Ginczanka Project? Young Poland 2.0? Tessen?
Or perhaps all of the above? Just not all at once? In good time?
Or maybe OFF_ should become something else altogether – not another “publisher” (I am told there are 66,000 of those registered with the tax office in Poland, my new home), but a think tank set up to consider how best to help books in the future – translations, engagement, multimedia – all the things we have been striving to make happen since 2010.
Or maybe we should keep doing nothing at all. Waiting for opportunities to come to us. For the brainstorm to pass, silence to reign and new options to present themselves?
What’s the hurry, folks? The world is only in trouble culturally, ecologically, politically, economically, religiously…


England seems to have come up with its own solution – What Next? Culture – and considering the political turmoil both countries are experiencing at present, wouldn’t it be nice to transpose and share some of that?


Think tank… holds fuel, holds water, then goes on the intellectual off_ensive.
I like the sound of that.
Marek Kazmierski, OFF_TT founder editor