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This young poet from Krakow has already published two highly accomplished volumes of poetry, edited by some of Poland’s most established poets, winning numerous awards and nominations. The book is presented in a limited edition hand-bound format and contains the poems, available for the first ever time in both Polish and English translations.


ISBN 9780956394675
Genre Poetry
Pages 174
Languages English / Polish


Joanna Lech (born in 1984) – poet, writer, author of the volume Zapaść (Biblioteka Arterii, Łódź 2009; awarded special prize at the tenth edition of the PTWK Prize in the Début of the Year category, shor-tlisted for the Wroclaw Silesius Prize) and Nawroty (WBPiCAK, Poznań 2010; short-listed for the Nike Prize). Winner of numerous national poetry competitions, she received the Grand Prix in the VI edition of the im. R. M. Rilkego Prize in Sopot and the main prize in the XIII edition of the im. Jacka Bierezina Prize in Lodz. She has been published widely, including in the print journals “Studium”, “Tygiel Kultury”, “Akcent”, “Wyspa”, “Ósmy arkusz Odry”, “Arterie”, “Portret”, “Topos”, “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Czas Kultury”, “Tygodnik Powszechny” and “Kresy”. Her work has been included in the latest anthology of contemporary Polish poetry Poeci na nowy wiek (Biuro Literackie, Wrocław 2010). Originally from Rzeszow, currently living and working in Krakow.


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