Genowefa Jakubowska-Fijalkowska – of me a worm and of the worm verses






An astounding new collection of poetry from this well-established poetess, it presents a voice howling with fire and indignation, raising hell in an already hellish post-communist Polish environement – giving voice to women, children, animals, artists, Gypsies, Jews, the elderly, the crazed, the impoverished and the wild – in fact anyone for whom poetry should speak.

Jakubowska-Fijalkowska is currently being translated into numerous other languages, the recent Czech publication of her book Něžný nůž (2011) being declared the publishing sensation of the year by critics.


The book also contains the poems in the original Polish.


ISBN                 9780957232709
Genre               Poetry
Pages               100
Languages      English / Polish


Genowefa Jakubowska-Fijałkowska – born 1946 in Mikołów. Her books of poetry include: Dożywocie (1994), Pan Bóg wyjechał na Florydę (1997), Pochylenie (2002), Czuły nóż (2006), Ostateczny smak truskawek (2009), plus the collections i wtedy minie twoja gorączka (2010), Performance (2011), as well as the Czech translation Něžný nůž (2011). Her poems were published in ANTHOLOGIA #2 (OFF_PRESS, London, 2010) and in journals such as “Akcent”, “Odra”, “Fraza”, “Kwartalnik Artystyczny”, “Wyspa”, “Śląsk”, “Opcje”, “Arkusz”, “Twórczość”, “Zeszyty Literackie”, “Arkadia”, “Topos”, “Red”, “Nowa Okolica Poetów”, “Rita Baum” and “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Her poems have been translated into Czech, Slovene, German, English and Russian. Having twice been awarded the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship, she still lives and works in Mikołów.

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