Free Over Blood






FREE OVER BLOOD contains the work of several generations of Polish poets, fresh talent mixed in with the most established household names, all of them widely published, winners of Poland’s most prestigious literary prizes. Each poet presents five pieces of verse, in the original Polish and in English translation. 

Editors – Dawid Jung and Marcin Orliński
Translation – Marek Kazmierski, Karen Kovacik, Benjamin Paloff and Katarzyna Szuster
Binding/format – paperback, hand-bound
Number of pages – 283


Each book is hand stitched using the Japanese Yamato / monk style binding and made specifically to individual order. The books are numbered and each customer ordering their totally unique copy can request the book include a dedication to them or anyone of their choosing.


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Inspired by the writings of Edward Stachura, a Polish writer and poet, Marek Kazmierski takes the business of translating on the road… by plane, train, coach, ship, motorcycle, bicycle and car, he traverses the whole of Poland to learn more about the country Free Over Blood was born of.


This unique documentary on DVD is included, as a special free gift, with every copy of Free Over Blood.