Anthologia #2

Trailer: Through The Grey Zone

In late 2009, Lilian Tietjen (a German filmmaker), Sam Taradash (an American writer) and Marek Kazmierski (a British filmmaker) travelled across Poland to shoot a documentary about its most recent history as seen through the eyes of its writers.

Available gratis on DVD with each copy of OFF_ANTHOLOGIA#2, the third book from London’s OFF_PRESS, and shipped anywhere in the world!


Cover art for Anthologia #2

OFF_PRESS publishes contemporary Polish writing in translation. Zeszyty Poetyckie is one of Poland’s premier promoters of modern verse. Both are non-profit making enterprises run by writers for writers, so I called Dawid Jung and Marcin Orlinski, editors of ZP a few months ago, asked if they wanted to put a competition, book and film together. In the spirit of bardic madness, they said why not link it up with Feast of Fools, an alt-art festival we’re organising. So we did it all, in May of 2010…

Now, three months later, those words are here made matter. Is poetry still needed in the 21st century? Is the world ever going to tire of such tired questions? In an age of earth-shattering acceleration, we all need quick fixes. The kind that fit on a laptop or phone screen, reminding us of what language can do when stripped to its purest state. This anthology contains the work of several generations of Polish poets, all of them widely published in Poland’s most respected literary and popular titles, a clear sign poetry continues to count both in quantity and quality.

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